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Ideas which will change your life and your decoration (3)

In your dining room throne a splendid fabric painted with oil. But here is, dust, tobacco, and the years left a deposit which tarnished considerably chief-of-oeuvre.


In your dining room throne a splendid fabric painted with oil. But here is, dust, the tobacco, etc... left a deposit which tarnished considerably chief-of oeuvre. No panic, by rubbing the fabric with a potato believed, you will make disappear this deposit in a turn with hand. Some precautions all the same: to change piece of potato as soon as it is dirty, and avoid making this manoeuvre on Renoir or about Picasso.. One never knows!


You have objects out of copper, but they lost their gloss of antan? No panic, it is enough for you to dissolve 2 spoon with soup of deicing salt in 1/4 of liter of ebullient white spirit vinegar. Immerse the object to be cleaned and rub it with a brush with flexible hairs. Once finished cleaning, it is enough for you to rinse the
object with clear water and the turn is played. Lastly, know that by exposing your coppers to the sun during a whole day, they will keep a durable glare.


Suddenly an unknown offers you flowers Thank for you, but do not forget that with a minimum of care, this pretty bouquet will be able to continue to decorate your interior, whereas the beautiful unknown perhaps already disappears for a long time. To start, to eliminate the sheets from the bottom of the stems, which soak in the water of the vase and which make it disorder and nauseous thus. A bleach drop in the water of your vase, so that it remains pure longer. Always cut the bottom of the stems in bevel, to allow the
flower to take the water which is necessary for him more easily. If the flowers come from your garden, let soak them a few hours in a tepid water bucket until semi height of the stems. That will give them more force and will keep them thus longer to you.


It is not rare to see appearing moulds or mushrooms of wood. To cure this problem, it is enough for you to clean with chlorinated water (2 glasses per liter of water), to let act 15 minutes and to rinse. The effect is immediate! In the same register, if your balconies, external flagstones or others make green, to pass from the water chlorinated (1 liter of Javel for 1 liter of water) on surface accused twice of 24 hours. Once rinsed abundantly, it will not appear to with it plus.

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