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Document printed on:  [22 June 2018]
Gardens a park with living

When one speaks about garden today, one has business with two quite different types in general: - the landscape garden, first of all, which is also called natural garden, is a space where the intervention of the man must pass unperceived.

The passion of the men for nature does not certainly go back to yesterday. The proof, since already very a long time, we endeavour to copy nature, to reconstitute it with the foot of our houses in splendid gardens, where it is good to walk, to stroll, reposer...

With each crossing of alleys, one discovers as by enchantement water parts and other fountains. Only curiosity of these gardens, it quasi absence of flowers. One then preferred " to build ", to more easily
model his garden with small shrubs corv?ables.

The history retained the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world. But there are also the Egyptian frescos, which revealed us splendid gardens irrigated by the Nile, symmetrically laid
out and including/understanding arbours, parts of water, populated squares of date palms and pomegranates, alleys bordered of cypr?s...
the ruins of Pomp?i give a good idea of the Roman gardens. Geometrical layouts, they formed a unit with the house of the Master, on of which all depended. Framed by a gantry and decorated water parts, one found there also many basins, statues and mosaics. And in another register, and with the other end of the world, Japanese designs their gardens since centuries, to be able to find the harmony which is essential for them. Here, the garden must invite its owner with the religious meditation.


Now that your garden is carried out, it will be able to live many ann?es... provided you occupy yourselves sufficient of it. First of all, the trees, plants and flowers must be sprinkled regularly, especially in period of Lent.
But attention, it is an operation never not to be realized under the sun, in order to avoid burning the
vegetation, and slowly so that the ground has time to absorb water. Also know that the lack of water is the first cause of mortality at the plantes... and that excess supports the development of the bacteria, diseases, and the impoverishment of the ground. Therefore be very vigilant! To clean the plants, remove the progressively faded flowers with their fading, thus supporting flowering.

Do not hesitate to divide the yellowed sheets and the impoverished stems, in order to give again pace with your plants. Lastly, to maintain your garden correctly, the good tools should be used: a transplanting machine to handle; a dibble to dig the nests of plantation; a claw to mix and air; a fork to move the plans without damaging the roots; a small watering-can to have a better handiness; a pulverizer to clean and
treat; shears to clean and notch; one to greffoir to obtain honest cuts.

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