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Spring 2001 Pottery Courses

Become currently the only permanent place of animationdans the valley of the cousin and in order to fill his cultural action fully, the holy mill Marthe (Workshop Jean-Yves Chevilly) creates the association meanders of which the vocation est le development and the promotion of art through manifestations such as exposures, training courses...

Adult and teenagers

Initiated by - Jean-Yves CHEVILLY PROGRAMS

MODELLING RAKU * - cookings raku enamelled and smoked out.

2 days in March: for the manufacture of the parts which " will be biscuit?es " in order to be ready for enamelling (i.e. that meanwhile, they will be cooked with 980? by our care)

3 days in April: Enamelling and cooking of the parts d?ja " biscuit?es " in a furnace with gas raku.

MARCH 17 AND 18 - 9h30 / 12h - 14h / 17h (manufacture of the parts)
APRIL 18, 19, 20 - 9h30 / 12h - 14h / 17h (enamelling and cooking)

PRICE: 1100 Francs the 5 days very included/understood + 100 Francs annual adhesion with Association " Meanders "

The RAKU * Japanese Technic
About the middle of the 16th century, CHOJIRO RAKU created a special type of pottery for the tea. It was guided by the c?l?bre Ma?tre Tea SEN NO RIKYU in the production of a ceramics low temperature; HIDEYOSCHI TOYOTAMI honoured the memory with CHOJIRO RAKU by granting to his/her son a gold seal carrying the character RAKU which means " Pleasure of the leisure "


Year 2000/2001 - Jean-Yves CHEVILLY

Wednesday: from 10am to 11h30am - 13hpm to 14h30pm - 15h30pm to 17hpm
Cost: 520 F/trimestre - (ground enamel and cooking included)

annual Adhesion with association: 100 F
(for several children of the same family to consult us)
Beginning of the courses on October 4 2000
Inscriptions Wednesday 6 - 13 or 20 September from 14pm till 19pm

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