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Document printed on:  [21 June 2018]
Outside furniture, colors and accessories

The white remains always the great classic. By choosing it, you will avoid making an error of agreement with the remainder of the house (walls, carrelages...). If you have a spirit a little more " d?co ", the resin manufacturers propose new colours: green, in several nuances, of light to dark, easy to match with all the decorations; blue, newer, more luminous, harmonizes some with the sky and the sea; ivory, more subtle, more refined, more discrete; the mahogany tree, more cordial and which points out wood. In short, a widened pallet allowing more combinations. On the other hand, we disadvise the too sharp colours to you, like the yellows, greens yelling, oranges, red..., of a taste little on and which do not resist the solar radiations. For metal, you can exploit different ranges: the white, of course, but also the black, very smart, the dark green, " the brushed steel " or the " gun of rifle " which will represent it fine of the end of the good taste. There still, avoid the yelling colors, for the same reasons as for a resin piece of furniture. For wood, the natural colours are still what there is best. Avoid the varnished completions which will pose problems to you when it is necessary to revarnish. Prefer lazures which protect wood against the insects and make them damp-proof, while giving a colour. And when they must be reprocessed, you will not even need to sandpaper, the application of the product on a clean surface suffisant...

painting on the pieces of furniture of outside poses the same problems as the varnished one, in the field of maintenance. On the aesthetic level, one can obtain very satisfactory effects. There still, attention with the a little last colors criardes... Of the tone are better effect, and give " lived " to your furniture.

The dwarves of gardens and other cement or plastic statues, even taken with the 14th degree, are definitively not better taste. Your family field is not Disneyland! Be especially very careful with the statues, the limit between the good and the bad taste is, in this matter, quickly crossed. If you hold to with it absolutely, choose statues in true terra cotta. The earthenware jars and pots in true terra cotta are, them, of the best effect; a bougainvillea planted in an earthenware jar of form of Provence is a treat for the eyes when it flowers.

For the luminaries of garden, only aluminium can last. The steel luminaries rust very quickly. Those out of plastic resist hardly longer.
In fact, it is important for a furniture of outside, which you misiez on quality. It is always paying on medium term. More than ever, today the good market costs expensive; it is to better have at home few things, but good quality, rather than much, but the bottom-of-the-range one.

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