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Document printed on:  [21 June 2018]
Brocante Mag French Antiques & Collectors

BrocanteMag is a team of Internet lovers that whishes to offer a site dedicated to you: bargain hunters and collectors. BrocanteMag is a powerful tool for your passion: second hand objects, collections and antiques.
BrocanteMag is your site: with it you get information on places to go, you can exchange, communicate and deal - all easily and with pleasure.

BrocanteMag magazine and the internet site started in Spring 1999.
After a few month, only the site survived to give information to bargain hunters and collectors.
Spring 2000 comes but the site is very quiet except for personnal adds magically popping up all the time.In September 2000, todays team buys the site, enhances it with a dynamic database and launches the daily update of the local markets agenda.
After a month, the number of hit pages is 4 times what it was on the 1st of september. BrocanteMag is back on tracks and promising for a steady growth!

Their challenge is to serve the best their visitors, the passionnate collector or bargain hunter using Internet to go beyond your limits. They are present on the field at your shows and famous market places.
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