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Document printed on:  [21 July 2018]
Amalgames Lighting

Qualities of traditional craftmanship, choice of first quality basic elements, fabrication of the earth mixture, elaboration of the enamels, creation and finitions of the "decors".

Diff?rents effects are available :
Effet ?cailles Bleue ou Rouge
Effet Nuages
Effet Marbre Beige
Effet Craquel?
Effet Brosse Brique
Effet Froiss? Beige
Effet Mosa?que
Effet Plumes etc .?

Hand Painted :
Samana and Mamounia for Bahia Lamps
Yasmina (Golden lining) for Bahia Lamps
Automn for Atlantis, Melissa, Vecchio Lamps
Leaves for Atlantis, Melissa, Vecchio Lamps
Provence a Palm Threes for Atlantis, Melissa, Vecchio Lamps etc ....

Fa?encerie du Po?t Laval
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