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Launes Tiles from Salernes Provence

Salernes, a small village in Provence, where a hundred years ago craftsmen harnessed the natural ts of earth and water, fire and air.

Salernes-en Provence, is surrounded by vast pine forests, blessed by nature with a bountiful supply of water, and ? most important of all ? possesses rich deposits of red and grey clays of quite exceptional
In this priviledged place, the old-established firm of Terres Cuites des Launes manufactures tiles in the traditional way ... for the very good reason that modern mass just could not achieve the quality that it
Only the skills of the craftsmen, and the natural heat of wood fires can do justice to the vibrant colours and tones of the rich clays of the Salernes quarries.
On the beginning of this 21st Century, Terres Cuites des Launes preserves its traditions of dedication and crafstmanship ? qualities to warm the hearts of all those who appreciate natural materials and time-homoured skills.

This family tradition shows itself in carrying on fo traditional, unchanging methods of working.
Two clays, one red an other lighter in colour, are selected for their outstanding purity. After being washed, the clay, without any additives, is passed through several screenings to ensure the removal of all traces of
When the clay is ready, it is cut into blocks, and pressed into moulds of the shape and size required. Dusted with powdered ash, the raw tiles are then removed from their moulds and allowed to dry.
Then the firing can beging ? firsdt, four days of gentle heat, than 60 hours at a tempeture of 1050? C.
And that, once the tiles have cooled, is all there is to it ? except, naturally, for just one or two little secrets of our own, which make Terres Cuites des Laune products so exceptionnal.

Terre Blanche range
Traditionnal range
The Tomette
Classical range

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