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The first problem which always arises for the apprentice tapestry maker, it is the calculation of the number of wallpaper rollers which it needs really. Thus start by measuring the part to be remade, without taking account neither of the windows.


To remake a room or the dining room with wallpaper is a true breakage-t?te... unless knowing some tricks which can simplify you the t?che... the first problem which always arises for the apprentice tapestry maker, it is the calculation of the number of wallpaper rollers which it needs really. It is thus necessary to start by
measuring the part to be remade, without taking account neither of the windows, nor of the doors.

To divide the perimeter thus obtained by the width of a roller. You thus have the exact number of panels (one calls that of the breadths) which will be reproduced on your walls. By measuring the height of ceiling, while taking a safety margin, and by knowing that a paper roller paints in general makes 10 meters, you can now calculate the number of rollers which are necessary for you. By safety, do not hesitate especially to take additional, for stage with your miscalculations, or your maladresses...

Then, you will have to prepare the walls. For that, they should be cleaned. Lessive Saint Marc, if there is painting, scouring, if there is already wallpaper. Do not hesitate to open into large the cracks, then to stop them with coating. More the wall will be clean, smooth, better will be returned of your work. For the installation with properly spoken, there are not really small tricks to simplify you the life, if is not to take its time, to paste paper well on a large table, format of the breadths (it is more easy), and to transport the paper of the table to the wall, it is easier to fold back the part pasted on itself: 1/4 superior on him even and idem with the 1/4 inferior.

Always begin the installation starting from a door, of a window or an angle of the part. And known as you that once finished, this work, you will be so proud, that you will not hesitate to remake all the house. And like known as the old proverb: " it is while forging that one becomes forgeron"... Alors for little that your house is very large, the last part that you will remake should be perfect!


This week end, you will receive your mother-in-law. No the doubt, it will be necessary for you to put the small dishes in the large ones! But here, since your last domestic fight with Alexis, certain plates of your more beautiful service are broken...

Don't worry with a little adhesive and much of tact, you will be able to leave these plates for your dinner all the same. Above all, you must clean the break perfectly. With this intention, soapy water is enough
amply. Then, locate the pieces well in order to restick them in the good order. The adhesive that you will use depends in fact on nature on the plate which you have to restick.Simplest is to ask council to your retailer. If you have several pieces to restick, let well dry the first before continuing, that will avoid you having a " wobbly " plate! Do not forget that the current adhesives are very powerful, therefore you do not precipitate before pasting the various parts of your plate, for you could have real difficulties in separate two parts
which you come from coller... Enfin, withdraw imperatively immediately exceed it of adhesive with a wet rag. Indeed, a run-out is particularly visible and unaesthetic. And dry once, it will be once again very difficult to make it leave.


If you wish to remake paintings of your interior, know that work which await you is not always very easy. But like always, you will be so proud r?sultat... the first difficulty obviously consists in preparing the walls: scrubbing and scraping are then often essential. Stop then the cracks with a coating, sandpaper, and here is your wall any stringer ready to always receive the peinture... Commencez with the ceiling. So that there are no traces, pass two crossed layers, the second preferably in the direction of the arrival of the light. Start
with the turn of the ceiling with a round brush, then fill the remainder with a roller. To paint its window: To avoid the problem, at the time to paint the window, simplest is to pose an adhesive on the pane, to avoid the always unaesthetic traces. Never forget to open the window to paint the hidden parts. Lastly, leave half-opened it the time of drying, by actuating the mechanism from time to time to prevent that painting does not block it. Lastly, always stop your part by the plinths, once that all was cleaned. To avoid painting the floor at the same time as the plinths, simplest is to use the cover of a magazine (as what your Cr?ola can really be used for tout...) by slipping it between the plinth and the floor. Thus, more risks of run-out.

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