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JOSIANE NARDI L'ARRET DECO Boutique de D?coration de charme, rideaux sur mesure....
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Meeting Francois Protat Accompanist guide

Epicurean tours thru traditional French culture
To discover France is first to understand its culture: Its religious and political monuments, its art, and particularly its epicurean pleasures. This culture, whether referring to a region, the climate, the landscapes or its writers, is rich and diverse. It is what we French people call the "terroir" and is possible because of the passionate craftsmen, artists and others who transmitted their knowledge from generation to generation.
I have organized visits and tours throughout France on a purely private basis for more than ten years. These are for small groups of friends so that they may discover ignored aspects of the country I love. Today, professionally, I share this knowledge with my foreign visitors in collaboration with a travel agent sharing these same passions.

Places that I have selected are not the ones which are usually shown by tour operators or guides. The places I select represent the ?terroir? because they were built, sown and gained after difficult challenges to their inhabitants. I wish to transmit the enriching communion these men and women have with their soil, their history and their culture.

Such regions are discovered with the assistance of people knowledgeable and skilled in specific areas.

For Examples :
A stone cutter will explain the methods of construction during the Middles Ages for a perspective of the Cathar castles in the Perigord region,?

A professional and specialized oenologist will offer you a 3 hours course and his expertise regarding the making of wines before a tour of the cellars of the Loire valley ;?

You will also be able to visit a craftsman wet cooper, who is working today as his ancesters use to years ago ;?

There will be an art/history teacher, a painter himself, well versed in the Impressionist Period, which is an integral part of the tour of the Normandy region ;?

Owners of castles and manors who will receive visitors for B & B and are often nobles in their own right will relate stories of their families and the history behind the architecture of the region ;?

A professional chef with more than 20 years of experience, who has gained much recognition in his field, will offer instruction in the art of pates and cassoulets specific to the south-west.?

There will be trips to local markets and the experience of creating epicurian wonders of your own ; etc.

Each trip is customized for my guests. I seek to bring out the beauty of a region to a select few who are looking for the extraordinary in France. For groups of between 2 to 6 people, these travels can run the gamut of purely cultural to sportive (for
example, a parachute ride in the Dordogne valley) to gastronomical or a combination. The idea is to make it a unique and special experience for you, the guest; one that will remain with you always.

Internet Address :
E-Mail :

AUTREPART34, rue de La Paix, 37000 Tours (France)
licence 037.96.0004.
Telephone : 33 (0)2 47 64 05 93

 Article "Decoration, Crafts" Sources F.Protat / E.Navas

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