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Galerie Paul Matheron-Tourre

Old of more than one hundred years l'Art Contemporain goes well and conveys each day its flood of talents, its glares of light and paradise. Michel Escale, born in June 1960 with the Garden of Luxembourg is the worthy door flag of this art rich colors, swarming d'id?es and d'?motions. Between creative genius, artistic talent and control of the subject, it invites us to penetrate a world, ours, with the confluences of last roads impossible to circumvent leading to the enlumin?es motorways of knowledge. That which does not see in l'Art qu'un decorative object undoubtedly delighted and will be conquered by the tone deep of the colors and l'intelligence of the subjects tackled by Michel Escale.

It will be it, certainly! But the tepidity of its vision risks d'occulter l'essentiel: the subjacent message of civilizations, encrusted in the?uvres presented. ?uvres like an inheritance, a remarkable identity of our memories opening towards the circles of our futures in perpetual evolutions.

Beyond beautiful, the communication and the transmission are the fundamental sources of the work of Michel Escale. Disencumbered by his talent of the techniques and the obligations characterized of the matter, Michel Escale delivers a poem, antico-surrealist to us where our trapped hearts are delivered their illusory yokes.

The life and death play in concert on the musical kiosk of the brush, shell their capacities and their questions; us question, invite us to join them in the narrow circle of the revelation. The painting of Michel Stopover, Art " contemporary " s'il is, takes its source in our reports of it and the memories of our ancestors it is a paradoxical retranscription of memories, d'images at the same time nebulas, clear or divinatoires of the expiatoires needs for l'amour and desire.

Ground sculptures chamott? d'Odile Bouix where of aucuns will see there African masks daN more known under the name of Yacouba. One finds there the traditional characteristics of the faces separated by a line of centers and almond eyes. Others of the faces carrying memory from abroad who is remote for us.
Born in Vercors, Odile Bouix s'est always felt attracted by the ground. To model, work, create, reinvent and perpetuate the communication through the glance and l'expression of l'?motion are the engine of works d'Odile Bouix.

Du Mardi au Samedi de 10h ? 12h et de 16h ? 19h

 Article "Painting, Drawing" Sources Galerie Paul Matheron-Tourre

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