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Jealousies: at the border of the tradition and modernity

Integral part of the history and the culture carib?enne, the jealousies have been for a few become years of the products of very high technology. Thus, their wind resistance strongest, to the most violent rains is not any more to prove. In the same way, all the manufacturers propose more clever systems the ones than the others, to avoid the wounds in the event of breakage of a slat, or to prevent the effractions.

The jealousies thus return forces some in the new construction industries, allowing crafty one which choose them to profit from their multiple advantages (they let pass the air, while leaving your part in a half-light refreshing, impact resistance etc...), for an interresting price. However, be well informed if you build or renovate your house.

The jealousies will give an additional seal to your house and a wellbeing with the daily newspaper with its habitants?

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