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La licorne de Cluny

Find all the richness of the tapestries! L?histoire of the tapestry goes up very far in the centuries. Indeed, dice l'Antiquity, the technique of the tapestry was practised in the East.
The history of tapestries goes back many centuries ago. Indeed, since Antiquity, the technique of tapestries was known in the Orient. Loom were then made of few pieces of wood, but man endeavoured to mingle warps thread with colored weft threads, in order to form a design.

Great masterpieces, these fine French tapestries are traditionally woven in Jacquard and Point de Flandres in France. This Art tapestries catalogue is composed of a large selection of wall-hangings and tapestries : Medieval, Aubusson and Gobelins reproduction tapestries, including William Morris designs, Bayeux tapestries, the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries?

Year 2000 : la licorne de Cluny launches its tapestries catalogue Web Site :

We will discover many topics, such as :

  • the origin of the "Lady and the Unicorn"

  • the manufacture of the tapestries and its evolution

  • a selection of Tapestry books


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