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Document printed on:  [20 July 2018]
Garden, Bouturage, Manures, Layering, Grafting

The bouturage consists in using fragments of stem of which an end, inserted out of ground, product of the roots. Thus, of this fragment a plant can reappear.

MANURES: All the amateurs of gardens know that to obtain beautiful harvests, it is necessary that the ground is copiously smoked. Certain special elements, the potash, phosphorus, lime, the magnesia, sulphur etc... are as essential to the plants as are it for us the meat, the vegetables and the eau... Donc, if you wish really a beautiful garden, with plants in good health, one will never have to forget to deposit a little manure to their pied...

LAYERING: there are plants which reproduce badly, but whose not yet detached stems, can give roots in contact with the wet ground, mousse... One thus will carry out a marcotte that one detaches from the plant-mother after enracinnemenent. In light, one forms a lump of earth around the plant with marcotter, and one obliges one of the stems of the plant-mother to penetrate in this ground. Incisions practised on the bark support the exit of the roots. When these roots came out, there is not any more but to separate the plant-mother from the small news while cutting them using shears.

GRAFTING: Essential to any amateur of garden, the Clerc's Office is the operation which consists in inserting part of a plant , called graft, in another plant; the graft itself.

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