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Document printed on:  [21 July 2018]
Hubert Wing, Character to be discovered.

Meet with this Champagne out of the commun run, it is a magician, clown, or sculptor of balloons with which it built a motor bike. Member of French l.association of the conjurers since 1986, world selection in 1994 of category Sketch Theatre, Trophy of the 1st price European of sculpture of balloons to the Symposium of Prague in 1997, this character can accompany you in your demonstrations.

Organizer of your soir?es :
One moment of imagination of the most appreciated with this sympathetic nerve character and his sculptures of Balloons.

Dance, Public, Deprived, Animated ?
Commercial Animation, Specific Operation?
Events, Prestigious, Official reception?
Example of decoration of space (Fermented Special)

See some examples of achievements where Hubert Wing occurred in spectacles on his.

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