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Document printed on:  [21 July 2018]
Varnishing of works of John T of Zwart

Varnishing on November 8th, 2002
The Jatteau Workshop has the pleasure of announcing the varnishing of works of John T of Zwart, which you cordially are invited Friday November 8, 2002 at 19h.

Jatteau workshop, place de l'?glise, circulade de l'escargot ? Aigne (34210). The exposure is open from 10AM to 20PM from November 8th to December 8th.

Contact :
Tel: 0468 918 944
Mob : 06 30 67 67 92 (John)

John T of Zwart settled in France to paint after having exposed several times to the Netherlands and in Belgium. After the Royal Academy of the Art schools of the Hague, it teaches at the department of publicity at the Mondrian Institute before obtaining the diploma of designer in visual communication.
The artist is inspired by elements which account for the modern society: dynamism, speed, cheerfulness, as well as sadness and loneliness in a stressed company. One can find speed, l.action and the force in paintings: in general s.agisse sport, motorcyclists or cars; d.autres tables, on the other hand, shows cheerfulness by music and beautiful women. Sadness, L isolement of l.homme modern in a company renfrogn?e s.expriment by contemplative tables, in which there are people contained behind their cold mask, alive coast at coast, but not together.

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